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How much does it cost to study MBBS in Russia?One of the most cheap alternatives for students contemplating MBBS abroad is MBBS in Russia. The total cost of the MBBS programme in Russia might range from INR 15 Lakhs to INR 50 Lakhs, depending on the university you’ve chosen.

Is MBBS in Russia a good idea for Indian medical students?Yes, one of the better options for Indian students who passed the NEET exam but were unable to obtain seats in India is to study MBBS in Russia. Even individuals who had the opportunity to study MBBS at a private medical university occasionally choose to do so since it guarantees a higher quality education and is more cheap.

Is NEET required for MBBS in Russia?Yes, according to the rules in place right now, any Indian student who wishes to study medicine or to become a doctor must take the NEET exam and pass it. Additionally, students who want to study MBBS in Russia must complete this. The three-year NEET score card validity period allows students to apply to the university of their choosing.

What is the duration of MBBS in Russia?The MBBS course in Russia takes 5 years, 8 months, with the option of continuing for 6 years.

Is MBBS from Russia valid in India?Yes, providing the student completed their MBBS in Russia in accordance with the newly issued NMC regulation and that they appeared in and passed the FMGE test. For foreign medical graduates, the FMGE serves as their licencing examination. The NExT would soon take its place and become necessary for both Indian and foreign-trained medical graduates.

What is the procedure for MBBS Admission in Russia?

  • University choice.
  • Complete the admissions application.
  • Attach any necessary supporting documentation, such as your class 10 and 12 diplomas, grade reports, category certificates, etc., before submitting the form.
  • Get the university’s letter of acceptance or admission within two weeks.
  • Request a student visa.
  • Clear the necessary balance with the college.
  • Get ready and go to your institution.
  • Complete the university’s procedures.

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Services Provided

Expert Counseling: Twinkle institute provides you a group of Best Educational Counselors for MBBS in Abroad. They will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about Medical Education in abroad. Personal guidance to select Top 10 Medical Colleges in Russia.

Selection of University:We will assist you in selecting the Best MBBS Universities in Russia, that will perfectly suit the students Dream to become a doctor. Low fee MBBS in Russia is a perfect option for Indian Students.

100% Admission Assistance:Twinkle Institute At each stage of the Admissions process in Russia, provides complete Admission guidance. When studying MBBS abroad, piles of documentation may be required at various stages. Our team will be there for you every step of the way.

Pre-Departure Guidance:Twinkle Institute, conducts the pre-departure ceremony for all students who will be attending Russian medical universities, where they can be candid with their peers and form friendships. Explore the unmatchable advantages of Medical study in Russia with extensive benefits.

Documentation: Twinkle Institute offers complete passport assistance, education loans, and legalization documentation details to students. Indian medical students who wish to study at Russian medical universities must pass the NEET exam. Eligibility Criteria for MBBS In Russia | Low Fees & Medical Colleges in Russia.

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