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Altai State Medical University, Fees & Admission

For those wishing to pursue an MBBS overseas, Russia has been a popular choice. The fact that Russia is ranked among the top 30 medical colleges worldwide is one important element to note. Major international organisations, including the World Health Organisation, have recognised the majority of Russian medical universities.

The number of foreign students coming to Russia to pursue an MBBS has increased tenfold in recent years. As there are no significant donations or fees required, MBBS is a simple alternative for anyone interested in a career in medicine in Russia. In addition, the application process is quite simple, and all medical courses are taught entirely in English.

Brief Overview of University

  • 5541in the world
  • 17th place in the nation

Altai State Medical University, situated in the West Siberian region of Russia, offers top-notch medical education in the country. Since its founding, the institution has trained more than 25,000 physicians and chemists. Additionally, one of the main centres for research and cross-cultural interaction is Altai State Medical University, which is overseen by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health.

Altai State Medical University’s Recognition and Accreditation

Altai State Medical University was founded in 1954, and its first graduating class was held in 1960. Following the incorporation of the faculty of pharmaceutics in 1975, the university has expanded to become a globally recognised entity.

Altai State Medical University is recognized by:

  1. World Health Organization (WHO).
  2. National Medical Commission (NMC).
  3. Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Over 20,000 people have graduated from Altai State Medical University to date, and the university employs 350 science candidates and about 100 physicians. Over 4,000 students attend Altai State Medical University each year, 350 of them are international students.

Departments and faculties of Altai State Medical University

  • General Medicine Faculty.
  • The Paediatric Faculty.
  • Department of Pharmacy Faculty.
  • The Stomatology Faculty.
  • College of Health and Illness Control.
  • College of Nursing.
  • The Faculty of Advanced Vocational Training.

Why Choose Altai State Medical University in Russia to Pursue Your MBBS Degree?

 Most people who want to become doctors might consider it an honour to study for their MBBS at Altai State Medical University. The Faculty of Foreign Students was established in 1994, and the university initially began admitting overseas students in 1991.

The university views innovative scientific progress as a significant aspect. Altai State Medical University conducts several research projects and regularly upgrades its infrastructure in order to fulfil the current and evolving demands of the medical business.

After successfully completing the six-year MBBS programme at Altai State Medical University, graduates go on to work in a number of nations, including Africa, Israel, Canada, and the United States.

The duration of Altai State Medical University’s MBBS programme

 The MBBS programme at Altai State Medical University lasts six years in total, regardless of the nationality of the students. The last year of medical school is spent gaining practical experience or working as an intern in a hospital that is affiliated with the first five years of study.

Admission to the MBBS programme at Altai State Medical University

 In Russia, the application procedure for MBBS starts in July and lasts till August. September marks the start of courses. However, as it takes around two months for the application to be completed, it is crucial that students who want to pursue an MBBS at Altai State Medical University start the process as soon as possible with a trustworthy counsellor.

Qualifications for Altai State Medical University’s MBBS Admission

The following qualifying requirements must be met in order for students who want to study MBBS at Altai State Medical University to be admitted as soon as possible.

  • On or before the date of admission, the candidate must be over 17 and under 25 years old.
  • The candidate must have completed high school or have an equivalent degree with English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as required courses.
  • In 10+2, the candidate must have received at least 50% in each of the aforementioned topics overall.
  • If the candidate is SC/ST/OBC eligible, he or she must have received at least 45% in each of the aforementioned courses during their 10+2 education.
  • Since passing NEET is required for students arriving from India, the applicant must do so.

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